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Even MSNBC can't trust 'Morning Joe' after Trump assassination attempt

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GREG GUTFELD: The left should be called 'truthphobic' the next time they freak out about facts

OpinionGREG GUTFELD: The left should be called 'truthphobic' the next time they freak out about facts

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Tonight, I want to talk about fearmongering. It’s my third favorite kind of mongering after fish and horror, but you’ve seen the horrifying story. 

An illegal alien was busted in New York for raping a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint. First, let’s give a shout-out to the New Yorkers who caught that scumbag and held him until the cops showed up. They shoved his face into the pavement, but still, I marvel at their restraint in not murdering the ******** on the spot. But, if this crime makes you angry enough to speak out, well, the media says you’re just fear-mongering.

MSNBC, TUESDAY: Here are the three cable networks’ reports of this, so our banner said: Soon Biden announces legal protections for undocumented spouses of U.S. Citizens. CNN’s banner said: Biden announces new protections for some undocumented spouses. Here was Fox’s banner: Migrant arrested for raping 13-year-old NYC girl. And so I think that’s part of the problem is that you have a lot of fearmongering.


Exactly you laughing ********. So, Joy and Pramila, how would you have liked us to report this heinous crime that a newcomer had a bad first date? I kid, you prefer us not to report it at all. But if you can’t monger fear about rape and murder, what can you monger about? If there’s one thing violent criminals do, it’s put me in the mood to monger. Would Joy rather us fearmonger over carbon footprints, cow farts, or misgendering protesters? Why talk about knife-wielding rapists when you could be afraid of gassy gay livestock? Idiots who don’t understand true threats can’t be trusted to tell us what we should be fearful of. Their so-called fears are like Maxine Waters’ hair, Joy Reid’s smile, fake. 

We get mad about murder and they contend our anger, not the murder. All to paint people who disagree with them as fearful bigots so they can dismiss rational arguments. We get called transphobic if we want to protect women’s sports, never mind the dude spraying Tinactin on his nuts in the girls’ locker room. We get called Islamophobic if we worry about murderous radicals. I guess when the guy with the machete screams Allahu Akbar, it’s just Arabic for coexist. Hell, the left should be called truthphobic. 

The next time they freak out about facts, somebody watching out there right now should put that on a t-shirt with a picture of any Democrat. You’d make $1 million a week. I do it, but it would be a pay cut. No! Stop it! I wish, I wish. It’s funny how they say we lack empathy when we express it for the victims. We can’t take lessons on empathy from people who fail at it. It’s not empathy if you let people run wild. Real empathy has structure, and people need structure, or there’s chaos. Their fake empathy causes the real problems that our empathy is meant to stop. 


Let’s listen to DHS Secretary Mayorkas, when asked about the murder of Rachel Morin, the Maryland mom killed by an illegal. 

JIM ACOSTA, CNN, TUESDAY: What do you say to critics who blame the administration for, allowing something like this to happen? Obviously, this is something that you hear in right wing media all the time.

SECRETARY MAYORKAS: Jim, first and foremost, of course, our hearts break for the children, the families, the loved ones, the friends, of the individual who was, murdered. The woman, the mother, Jim, a criminal is responsible for the criminal act.

Yeah, “that woman,” he couldn’t even say her name or worse, he didn’t even know it. So you see how Mayorkas and the rest are divorced from the results of their incentives. In his tiny little mind, he believes there’s no connection between a person who shouldn’t be in this country killing an American citizen and that person not being here and not killing them.

They incentivize the open border, and we deal with the consequences but disagree with them and you’re phobic, have your own opinions and you’re spreading fear. But all of this is to shift the emphasis away from the problems they cause. If only the right had figured this trick out sooner, that when you blow the whistle on awful stuff, the leftist media portrays the whistle-blower as worse than the actual evil thing. They’ll complain about the fire alarm and not the house burning down. Well, unless you’re Jamaal Bowman.


Trump pulled the fire alarm in 2015 concerning an open border. You know, is it me, or is Trump like your dad who seemed to get smarter the older you got? Yeah, but the news focused on his words, not what those words were about and so people silenced themselves, fearful that their opinions would be deemed worse than the crime itself. It’s the same trick Dems used against the cops, about homelessness, drugs, trans surgeries for kids, the list is as endless as their ****. And remember, demanding justice over October 7th made you pro-genocide, the intended result to stop people from talking about October 7th. It’s the same thing with migrant crime. The left thinks if they call you xenophobic, you’ll clam up, but it’s not working even among Hispanics. 

In 2016, Hispanics’ support for Trump’s mass deportation policy was 17%, now it’s up to 53%. I guess they’re xenophobic too. The left seems stunned.

“INSIDE POLITICS”/CNN, TUESDAY: On the Hispanic numbers 53 to 17, that’s remarkable. It’s, you see something similar that’s happened with the whole conversation around tariffs in China. Things that Donald Trump talked about in 2016 were out of bounds even within the Republican Party and now they’ve entered the mainstream.


Oh, well, you know what else has entered into the mainstream, fella? Just what lying sacks of **** you mainstream media maggots really are. Your ignorance, your ignorance and deceitfulness are as out in the open now as Jeffrey Toobin’s Wiener during a Zoom call. So CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, you keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, and we’ll chat again on November 6th. And when I hear you say we’re fearmongering, it will only mean whatever we’re mongering is the truth.


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