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Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Are Expected to Rest Their Case in Gun Trial

U.S.Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Are Expected to Rest Their Case in Gun Trial

Jurors in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial began deliberations late Monday after prosecutors concluded their case with an exhaustive inventory of evidence they presented over the past week in hopes of proving that Mr. Biden knowingly falsified a firearms application in 2018.

During an hourlong closing argument, Leo J. Wise, the lead prosecutor in the case, connected dozens of evidentiary dots seeking to show that Mr. Biden, the president’s deeply troubled son, lied when he filled out the gun form by claiming to be drug-free when he was addicted to crack cocaine, tearing his family apart in the process.

Abbe Lowell, Mr. Biden’s lawyer, countered with a 90-minute closing argument that attacked the credibility of the government’s main witnesses. He accused prosecutors of peddling “suspicion” and “conjecture,” and suggested that the trial had less to do with justice than punishing a remorseful and sober man for the crime of drug addiction.

It was an intense coda for an extraordinary weeklong trial that made painfully public the private struggles of the Biden family. The trial was also an enervating experience for President Biden in the midst of a bitter re-election campaign against former President Donald J. Trump, whose own federal trials remain on hold.

The personal stakes of the proceedings, often seen through the lens of electoral politics, were evident on the strained faces of the defendant’s family.

Hunter Biden’s half sister, Ashley Biden, was so moved during Mr. Lowell’s closing argument that she could be seen weeping and wiping away her tears with a tissue at one point. She moved from the front row of the gallery to a seat in the second row, where she looked down at the floor for the rest of the proceedings.


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