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Benny Gantz, a Member of Netanyahu’s War Cabinet, Postpones Address

WorldBenny Gantz, a Member of Netanyahu’s War Cabinet, Postpones Address

A key member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli war cabinet who has threatened to depart amid serious differences over the war in Gaza has indefinitely postponed an expected news conference planned for Saturday evening, citing “recent events.”

The decision comes as Israeli authorities announced that they had rescued four hostages who had been held in Gaza since Oct. 7 in a “complex” operation in central Gaza.

Benny Gantz, a centrist opposition leader, has said he would quit unless Mr. Netanyahu addressed his concerns about how the war would end and what would follow it, with pressure rising on Mr. Netanyahu to wind down the conflict and put forward a detailed plan for governing the territory when fighting ends. Last month, Mr. Gantz said he would resign by Saturday, though there was no public indication of whether he would follow through.

If he were to depart, it would be unlikely to force Mr. Netanyahu from office. Mr. Gantz and his party have not been part of the prime minister’s right-wing governing coalition, which has a majority of 64 seats in Israel’s 120-member Parliament.

But Mr. Gantz’s threat has again exposed the fractures within Israel’s leadership as frustration grows at home over the failure to decisively defeat Hamas or to bring home all the hostages held in Gaza.

Mr. Gantz joined the powerful war cabinet, which makes many of the decisions about the Gaza conflict, after the Hamas-led Oct. 7 assault on Israel, in a demonstration of unity in a crisis. He brought stature to the role as a former military chief of staff, former defense minister and popular opposition figure, seen as the chief political rival to Mr. Netanyahu.


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