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Northern Lights Forecast: How to See the Aurora Borealis This Weekend

WorldNorthern Lights Forecast: How to See the Aurora Borealis This Weekend

Keep an eye on the skies on Saturday night for what could be another dazzling display of nature — or not, depending on your location and weather conditions.

An unusual amount of solar flare activity means that the aurora borealis, or the northern lights, could continue to appear over the weekend.

The solar storm was a level 5 on Friday, which gave some star gazers a clear view of streaks of green, purple and red that arced across the skies. Those conditions are expected to continue, Mike Bettwy, the operations chief of the Space Weather Prediction Center, said on Saturday.

“It should be fairly similar to what we saw last night, maybe not as widespread but fairly close,” Mr. Bettwy said.

“Depending on how everything evolves,” he added, “tomorrow night might actually be better than tonight” for views of the aurora.

In areas with clear skies, the display on Sunday could be similar to what people witnessed on Friday.


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