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Severe Weather Expected to Bring Tornadoes and Flooding to Great Plains

U.S.Severe Weather Expected to Bring Tornadoes and Flooding to Great Plains

The threat of tornadoes loomed across parts of the Central U.S. as warnings were posted in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas amid severe thunderstorms and high winds throughout the Great Plains on Saturday.

The severe weather followed a day in which tornadoes tore through parts of Nebraska and Iowa, leveling dozens of homes on Friday.

A rare “particularly dangerous situation” tornado watch was issued on Saturday afternoon for western Oklahoma and parts of northern Texas.

Watches issued with this language mean forecasters have confidence that a few tornadoes will form and that some could be relatively intense and track a long distance. Watches are issued to remind the public to be aware that tornadoes could form and to be mindful of warnings, which mean to take cover.

A notice issued by the Weather Service office in Norman, Okla., on Saturday warned residents that “dangerous supercell thunderstorms” were possible that could produce strong tornadoes.


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