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1974: Leftists Threaten to Kill Official in Genoa Kidnap

World1974: Leftists Threaten to Kill Official in Genoa Kidnap

ROME — A man claiming to represent the kidnappers of Genoa’s deputy public prosecutor threatened tonight to kill him unless an imprisoned bank robber was released.

The man claiming to represent a leftist group, the Red Brigades, phoned the Italian news agency ANSA and said Mario Sossi, 38, would be killed unless Sante Noternicola, an imprisoned bank robber, was freed.

Police said that they had received a similar call.

Mr. Sossi, 38, noted for his investigations into extremist activity, was seized by five armed men last night near his home in Genoa, witnesses told police.

Later, police found leaflets in a telephone booth which claimed that Mr. Sossi has been abducted by the “Red Brigades,” and was being held in a “people’s jail.” Police believe the Red Brigades were responsible for the kidnappings last year of a top official of Fiat and an engineer of Alfa Romeo. Both men were released without ransom after brief detention.

— The International Herald Tribune, April 19, 1974


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