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Johnson Turns to Democrats to Bring Up Ukraine Aid Bill in the House

U.S.Johnson Turns to Democrats to Bring Up Ukraine Aid Bill in the House

House Republicans are looking to Democrats on Friday to help them push past their own party’s opposition and supply crucial votes to bring up the long-stalled foreign aid bill for Ukraine and Israel.

A critical vote on the House floor was scheduled for Friday morning after the G.O.P. was forced to rely on Democratic votes late Thursday night to move the package out of the powerful Rules Committee over Republican objections — an extraordinary turn of events in a panel that usually operates strictly along party lines.

Democratic votes will also be needed on Friday to pass a procedural measure, known as a rule, to allow the aid package to be brought up, in what is expected to be yet another unorthodox vote in the face of Republican opposition.

The rule is critical to Mr. Johnson’s plan to push the foreign aid package through the House, because it would allow separate votes on aid to Israel and aid to Ukraine, which are supported by different coalitions, but then would fold them together without requiring lawmakers to cast an up-or-down vote on the entire bill.

That makes it the only all-or-nothing vote that lawmakers will face on the foreign aid package, in many ways making it more important than any of the votes on the individual pieces of the plan. The measure also includes aid to Taiwan and a package of sweeteners including a bill to require the sale of TikTok by its Chinese owner or ban the app in the United States.

The rule also would tee up roughly half a dozen floor votes on proposed changes to the aid package, including one by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, to zero out all funding for Ukraine, and another by Representative Kat Cammack, Republican of Florida, that would eliminate all nonmilitary funding for Kyiv.


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