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My professor failed me because I didn’t embrace DEI. Women must fight to exist

OpinionMy professor failed me because I didn’t embrace DEI. Women must fight to exist

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March is Women’s History Month and women are at risk of becoming just that: history. The most radical voices are pushing to erase women. And many of these bullies hold enormous power to force us all to conform. I know this first-hand.  

As a student at the University of Cincinnati, my gender studies class professor gave me a failing grade on a project proposal for using the term “biological woman.” Who knew that stating the truth is unacceptable in today’s institutions of higher learning — places that once dedicated themselves to discovering truth? 

Our education system is not just suppressing the truth, it is intentionally and actively attacking it. This isn’t speculation. In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Professor Melanie Rose Nipper admitted that she has been using her position of authority to force students to conform to her progressive views for years. Misusing one’s power is the textbook definition of a bully. 


Professors should be teaching the truth, not defining it. Nipper called my words “exclusionary” and contributing to “heteronormativity.” That might be true, and we can debate it as we should on a college campus, but not while banning a truth: men and women are biologically different.  

University of Cincinnatti student Olivia Krolczyk

In 2023, the University of Cincinnati reversed its reprimand for a professor who failed Olivia Krolczyk for using the term “biological woman.” (Fox News)

This assault on truth is bigger and stronger than individual professors using their classrooms as bully pulpits. Young people are hostage to the college degree system that makes or breaks the course of our lives — earnings potential, opportunities, and types of jobs.  

We’re captive to it and forced to participate — and pay — for these degrees, which is why the progressive left installed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) courses as graduation requirements. That is how a chemistry major like me ended up in a gender studies class. 

DEI is the vehicle by which the bullies are trying to make women history and make our existence no more than a feeling. The DEI concept is a shameless abuse of power and an unmistakable indoctrination system. The fact that I applied scientific concepts and was punished for it is clear evidence.  

And yet, the DEI virus has infected schools across the country: The University of Michigan,  Villanova University, Drake University, Brandeis University, University of Massachusetts, the State University of New York (SUNY) system and the University of California system are just a short list. 

And the power of government is even being used to drive the effort to suppress truth. Campus Reform recently reported that the federal government awarded three universities almost $1 million to “create a more inclusive environment for transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming” students. According to the project: “Biology courses often inaccurately categorize sex and gender as binary.” 


The project for which I was failed for writing “biological woman,” examined the history of rights and opportunities that women have fought for since the late 1800s, and how these rights are being affected now. Today, women are being denied opportunities, exposed to humiliation and put in physical danger. 

Stories of women and girls injured by males competing in their leagues are accumulating. And sports aren’t the only places where women are being put in danger and demeaned. A sorority at the University of Wyoming has been forced to allow a biological male to live in the house despite allegations of “peeping” and making the women uncomfortable.  

People who oppose this movement have been canceled, penalized and attacked. I refused to be silenced despite the power Nipper had over my future. After my story went public, I received a message on social media from a former University of Cincinnati student informing me that the exact same thing happened to him in 2007. That’s why I joined Riley Gaines in her mission to encourage all Americans to speak louder. 


As an ambassador for the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, I have had the privilege to speak with students across the country to share my experiences and to encourage them to speak out against the injustices related to DEI on their own college campuses.  

Every single one of us must speak up for our right as women to exist, or we will be completely erased. Women are in a new phase of feminism: the right to be acknowledged for what we are. The assault on our existence is powerful and real. My message this Women’s History Month is this: Don’t give an inch!  


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