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5 Takeaways From Super Tuesday: Trump Wins and Haley Exits

U.S.5 Takeaways From Super Tuesday: Trump Wins and Haley Exits

Nikki Haley has dropped out of the presidential race. Follow for live updates.

Donald J. Trump rolled up victories across the country on Super Tuesday, and by the end of the evening it was clear that the former president had left Nikki Haley in the delegate dust.

Mr. Trump’s coast-to-coast wins — in California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and beyond — brought a new mathematical certainty to what has been the political reality for some time: He is all but certain to capture the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Ms. Haley made it official on Wednesday morning, exiting the race but withholding her endorsement of Mr. Trump. Instead, she said he must work to win over her voters.

That is important because tucked inside Mr. Trump’s often dominant statewide victories on Tuesday were signs of vulnerability for the fall. He showed some of the same weakness in the swingy suburban areas that cost him the White House in 2020.

The presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, along with a series of congressional contests in key districts, many still undecided, offered the broadest look yet at the preferences of voters in both parties headed into the 2024 election. Here are five takeaways from the results:

Roughly one-third of the nation voted on Tuesday, but there was little drama. News outlets called state after state soon after polls closed, just as they have since Mr. Trump topped 50 percent in Iowa’s kickoff caucuses.


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