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Even MSNBC can't trust 'Morning Joe' after Trump assassination attempt

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GREG GUTFELD: It took the death of a young women before Biden was 'forced' to visit the border

OpinionGREG GUTFELD: It took the death of a young women before Biden was 'forced' to visit the border

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Happy Wednesday everybody. So tomorrow, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump head to the Texas border to duke it out on America’s current migrant crisis. The sad part is only one of them will know where he is. The other will think he’s on a beach in Delaware during Cinco de Mayo. 

For Biden’s part, this is only the second time he’s been to the border during his presidency. The other time, it was to pick up a package for a Hunter marked baby powder. Of course, Trump has been to the border numerous times, and it’s obvious why, he’s been talking about it for years. It just took forever for everyone else to catch up. The truth is that Trump, that terrible knuckle dragging vulgarian who our chattering classes love to hate, has once again shown that he has the pulse of America far better than his opponent, who at this point may not have a pulse himself. I know. Too far or not far enough. Sure, Trump’s a billionaire, but in the end, he’s a guy who puts ketchup on his steaks. Joe puts ketchup on his pancakes thinking they’re steaks. Trump cared about the border before it was cool.


Now Dems are copying him. I’m willing to bet Biden is going to show up in an orange wig with Stormy Daniels on his arm. But unlike the elites, Trump has known all along that the border is a big issue to most Americans, that an unending wave of migrants that are less vetted than a Harvard president isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare. So as we gear up for the showdown at the southern border, Trump’s got the home field advantage because he was there first when it was patriotic and not political. And who’s pouncing now because it’s political? Biden.

For Joe and those propping him up, it took the death of a young woman before they were forced to book flights to El Paso. He’s like all of us at harassment training, pretending to care. Meanwhile, the media accuses those who force the issue of seizing.

CNN: Republicans obviously seizing on this horrific tragedy at the University of Georgia… They’re seizing on this as an example of Biden’s failure to protect the American people, to secure the border.

NBC: Riley’s death igniting a political firestorm. State House Speaker John Burns, indicating that the Georgia House this week will take steps on illegal immigration…

CNN: As if the initial facts were not horrifying enough, or the sense of loss not deep enough by now and all of it has now been compounded by the revelation the suspect was in this country unlawfully, and how quickly that fact became politicized.


You’re so solemn. Well, are we seizing? Damn right we are. Why aren’t you seizing Anderson, still hung over from those shots on New Year’s Eve? A young woman had her life stolen and as the arrest paperwork shows, in the most brutal way possible, it shouldn’t happen. The story isn’t that we’re seizing on it. It’s that the media misses it every time. The only way they react to the real news is if we shove it back into their faces, or, in their words, seize, which is the new pounce. And when they use that term, it means: Please stop, you’re humiliating us. And that’s worse for them than actually missing the story. And the stories like this keep coming. 

This week in Maryland, an illegal was busted in connection to the murder of a two year old boy. Last month, an illegal shot at cops here in New York. And in Louisiana, an illegal Honduran man has been arrested for raping a 14-year-old at knifepoint. So I guess we better not seize on that. Remember how the AP said Lincoln Riley’s murder was evidence of the dangers of running alone? Maybe that’s how they’ll cover these stories, too. That killing a child highlights the risk of having kids. A cop’s murder highlights the benefits of defunding. Teen rape highlights the risk of puberty. It’s all the same logic. It’s trying to live in a free society that makes us at fault. 

So yeah, the Dems and the legacy media are on the ropes. Sure, you can all get together at the White House Correspondents Dinner and laugh about Trump’s hair, but don’t you realize your day is done? The legacy media is like a former star high school quarterback who now sells shoes for a living. Except, unlike Al Bundy, their glory days were never glorious to begin with.


Today, those bastards no longer set the national agenda. You do? And like that crazy ex you keep going back to Donald Trump always has. And it’s not so much that today’s border chaos shows that Trump was right all along. It shows that you, America, were right all along. No one ever voted for open borders and neither party supports it. Trump was just willing to listen. Fact is Biden’s willful blindness on the border. Strikes most Americans as far more vulgar than anything Trump has said about anything. 

Now, if you remember, it was Trump who said back in 2016 that we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out. It was that that the left was willing to pounce on because it was: racist, xenophobic. It was also, it turns out, common sense. And like so many of his promises, he kept this one too, by rounding up MS-13 members in Long Island. But the Dems still can’t get over Trump’s rhetoric and he also presses feelings of illegals. Here’s the LIB mayor of Athens, Georgia, addressing Lake and Riley’s murder today.


MAYOR KELLY GIRTZ: I want to say that we center our work here in Athens-Clarke County and people’s humanity, and part of everybody’s humanity is the expectation of human dignity. While 2019 was not that long ago, you might remember the dynamic we were living in in the late teens in this country where you had a president of the United States speaking in the most vile terms about people who were foreign born and you had that notion metastasizing.

How do you say ass wipe in Spanish? Did the mayor forget he was there to focus on a young woman’s heinous murder at the hands of someone who shouldn’t have been here in the first place? And all he could do was focus on Trump’s, “most vile terms” not that long ago. **** you. Trump’s words. 

Trump’s words may not have always been elegantly phrased like that one, but he’s honest, accurate and relevant to the actual lives of Americans. And if the polls are any judge, Americans want the hombre who’s been willing to seize all along, rather than the guy who needed bad polling numbers to finally wake him up from a drooling slumber.


So as Hopalong Joe limps into town Thursday to try to fix a crisis that he created and now blames on Republicans, it’s no surprise that many Texans are saying: Too little, too late, we need a new sheriff in town. And one with a six gun in his holster, not a melted soft serve.


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