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Biden got suckered into border battle he can’t win

OpinionBiden got suckered into border battle he can’t win

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Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will hold dueling border visits in Texas on Thursday, February 29. But if Democrats are expecting Biden to put up an epic fight, they are going to be sorely disappointed.  

Trump has done his homework for several weeks. He has deliberated about the best place on the border to visit with several people, including myself, and he made a wise decision. He chose a location that will highlight Biden’s massive failings — Eagle Pass, Texas. 

On February 23, Trump’s team strategically released his intentions to visit the border. The leak elicited the exact response he was hoping for from Biden. The knee-jerk reaction from Biden set in motion a border visit that saw him put together a trip to the safe haven of Brownsville, Texas.  


Trump will be at Shelby Park, a location that Texas Governor Greg Abbott was forced to seize because of the rampant lawlessness fueled by the Biden administration’s policies. Biden will visit an extremely slow location in a very friendly congressional district that historically hasn’t seen much illegal traffic, in large part due to the infrastructure Trump provided while in office, and more recently due to the immediate actions of Abbott after Biden took office.  

Migrants in San Diego sector

Migrants are encountered by Border Patrol in the San Diego sector on Feb. 17. (Fox News)

Trump, and America, will see how walls of razor wire and shipping containers have made entering Shelby Park nearly impossible. He’ll be able to evaluate how the use of his policies while he was in office has helped Abbott. And he’ll be able to use the visit to expand upon his already successful policies when he’s re-elected.  

He’ll listen to ideas from opposing viewpoints, something I’ve seen him do many times in the past to come to the best decision. He’ll end his visit by explaining to the American people what he will do to protect them when back in office. Biden will end his visit by blaming everyone else, including Trump, for his miserable failings. 

Biden will see absolutely nothing that will help promote new ideas to deal with his crisis. He won’t see an illegal crossing take place, though he’s encouraged millions to do so. He’ll be fawned over by sycophants, including the entire mainstream media. He’ll end his visit by blaming everyone else, including Trump, for his own miserable failings. He (OK, his handlers) made a horrible decision to challenge his Republican rival to a duel he can’t win. 


But the men and women who are most cognizant of Biden’s failings are U.S. Border Patrol agents. Agents will scoff at Biden’s audacity in visiting the disaster zone he created to score cheap political points at a stage of the game you can only characterize as “garbage time.” The agents who have worked under both Trump and Biden have experienced first-hand the competent, caring leadership of Trump and the deadly, disastrous “leadership” of Joe Biden. 

To agents, border security is not a political issue, it is literally a matter of life and death. We just witnessed that sad reality again in the recent murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley. Agents don’t care about party affiliation. Agents care about which person gives them the best shot at securing the border. In this case, based upon indisputable, historical facts, Trump is that person.  

Regardless of his shrill, meaningless rhetoric, along with that of his clueless Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden has not done much of anything at all to secure the border. I personally discussed border security problems with his DHS secretary multiple times, only to be ignored in favor of their radical open border base. 


Biden is only worried about his political future. The safety and security of his fellow Americans is secondary to that goal. Tragically, we’ve witnessed the catastrophic outcome of his self-centered policy decisions for over three years now. We’ve seen enough evidence of his ruinous blundering at the border to talk about for decades and to fill every library in the country. The books are all titled “How to Annihilate a Functional Border.”  

It’s time to take his library card away from him. He hasn’t learned a thing. 



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