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Biden, Democrats will do anything to stay in the White House. Here are 3 tracks they plan to take

OpinionBiden, Democrats will do anything to stay in the White House. Here are 3 tracks they plan to take

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Ronna McDaniel is stepping down as Chair of the Republican National Committee. It’s about time. The GOP has fallen short on fundraising in the past two election cycles, been slow to confront (and challenge) changes in voter practices and lost winnable races. McDaniels is not to blame for all the GOP’s failures, but there is a widespread perception within the party that new blood is needed in order beat President Joe Biden.  

Because here’s what Republicans know: Joe Biden will do anything to be reelected.  

Moreover, Biden’s Democrat colleagues are behind him, every step of the way. Their excuse for trying to imprison and bankrupt their number one political opponent, lying about President Biden’s accomplishments, taking Donald Trump off the ballot in various states, hiding Joe’s infirmities from the public, shamelessly handing out taxpayer money to critical voter blocks and refusing measures like requiring voter IDs to make our elections secure?

Donald Trump is just that terrible. That’s their excuse.


Republicans are anxious, aware that Democrats are up to the same dirty tricks that helped them win in 2020. That would include trying to censor news unfavorable to Biden, distorting former President Trump’s every word and pushing techniques like ballot harvesting and redistricting to further their advantage.

They’ve even magically conjured up another Russia hoax, suggesting that a now-imprisoned FBI informant who claimed that Joe and Hunter Biden had received $5 billion each in bribes lied on behalf of Moscow. How convenient. 

There are, broadly speaking, three tracks for the Biden campaign’s no-holds-barred approach.

First, distorting the president’s record and making sure the falsehoods are echoed by a credulous media. 

Of course, Joe Biden and his supporters have been lying about the wonders of Bidenomics for three years even as voters pay ever-higher prices and only 23% of voters say his policies have helped them personally. 

Recently, Biden claimed, “I was the guy who sent every one of you those $1,400 checks” and also bragged that his semiconductor legislation had “attracted” $640 billion in private companies’ investment. Even the left-leaning New York Times felt compelled to correct the misleading boasts, pointing out that Trump had also sent out checks and that investments in chip suppliers are a “fraction” of Biden’s claim. 

Democrats are so dug in on protecting Biden’s fake narratives that Democratic pundit and former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill angrily denounced the Times for setting the record straight. She told Joe Scarborough on MSNBC it was “ridiculous” for the paper to fact-check the president because, of course, Donald Trump lies more. Seriously. 

Their lies are embarrassing. California Gov. Gavin Newsom told “Meet the Press” on Sunday that it’s because of Biden’s “age that he’s been so successful.” Sure, that’s why 86% of voters think he’s too old to run again.

Second, jiggering voter laws to help the president. 

Democrats have long opposed policies that make elections more secure, like requiring voter IDs. A recent Pew survey shows 81% of Americans back that proposal but Democrats, who claim to be the last bastion against GOP threats to democracy, are adamantly opposed. Eighty-one percent! 

Squabbles over electronic voting machines, early voting, ballot harvesting and automatic voter registration are taking place across the country.  

In California, undocumented people can acquire drivers’ licenses; when they do, they are automatically registered to vote. Officials in the state claim that federal and state laws allow only citizens to vote, which is true, but the sheer numbers –California hosts 2 million or more illegal aliens – could make accurate monitoring almost impossible. There was a very small number who voted illegally in the midterms; there is a concern that more will show up in a presidential election.

Purging voter rolls is also a hot button issue. Republicans are for it, claiming that obsolete rolls allow too much cheating, while Democrats generally oppose it, suggesting that young people and minorities often lose their voter status. Allowing drop boxes is also contentious; the GOP cites a recent election in Bridgeport, Connecticut which had to be redone after video surfaced of illegal box-stuffing, as evidence the practice can encourage fraud. 


Third, Joe Biden can use the vast amounts of cash already stored up. 

There is money available under the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Act, the $600 billion Inflation Reduction Act and the $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill to win over voters.  Never before has a White House been so amply endowed with electoral fairy dust. 

For instance, Biden is trying to win back disaffected young voters by continuing to cancel student loans. He knows that his moves to (so far) eliminate $138 billion in student debt fly in the face of the Supreme Court, which struck down a more comprehensive plan proposed earlier by the president. Not only is he unrepentant, he is proudly boasting that the court “didn’t stop me.” 

Similarly, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to swing state Pennsylvania recently to hand out $200 million in new federal funds to replace lead pipes and otherwise shore up the state’s water system. Included in the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill passed in 2021 was $22 billion in water projects. Imagine how many high-profile trips like the one to Pennsylvania the vice president has lined up. 


Another home run for Democrats was the White House’s recent approval of $3.1 billion in subsidies and loans granted to upstate New York chipmaker GlobalFoundries. New York is not a swing state, but voters unhappy with Democrats’ open boarders helped elect several GOP congressional candidates in 2022, allowing Republicans to win control of the House. Democrats are hoping that a river of federal cash will prevent further voter erosion.

These are all challenges for Republicans. With the liberal media and most social media organizations geared up to oppose Donald Trump, the likely GOP nominee, and with Democrats’ win-at-all costs approach, the RNC needs to be creative, energized and awake.  For the sake of the country, let us hope it is.



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