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GREG GUTFELD: Thanks to a phony narrative run amuck, it's now a physical war on cops

OpinionGREG GUTFELD: Thanks to a phony narrative run amuck, it's now a physical war on cops

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You’re absolutely right. You are right. I agree. Happy Wednesday everyone. So back in 1992, when I was still in Menudo, James Carville famously gave the Clinton presidential campaign some advice: It’s the economy. Stupid! When he should have said: It’s the dry cleaning. Stupid! But this year: It’s the safety. Stupid! Which is something someone should have said to Alec Baldwin. 

But from the border to our disintegrating cities, America’s feeling of safety and security is falling faster than a door from a 737 MAX and that means another lefty sacred cow has failed. It’s the progressive chestnut that the cops are the enemy, not the perps. Turns out there are bad guys out there. Which is why we have prisons and we have cops. But that basic truth was obliterated and replaced with an extreme opposite. 

Our police was not only racist, but also irrelevant, a conclusion exaggerated to wild extremes by the George Floyd propagandists. Remember The Fall of Minneapolis documentary, which suggested that much of the narrative around Floyd’s death was just that, a narrative we should have seen it coming. Well, we did, but if we spoke about it, we’d be called racist. But now the myth we hope is starting to unravel. So let’s turn to the story of Roland Fryer, a renowned Black economics professor at Harvard.


In 2016, he published an extensive study which sought to explore racial differences in police use of force and he collected data from all over, including New York, Dallas, Houston, LA and Florida. Here he is last week discussing those findings.

ROLAND FRYER: We collected millions of observations on, everyday use of force that wasn’t lethal. We collected thousands of observations on lethal force… And it was in this moment in 2016 that I realized people lose their minds when they don’t like the result… Yes, we saw some bias in the low level uses of force everyday, pushing up against cars and things like that, people seem to like that result, but we didn’t find any racial bias in police shootings.

So to his surprise, he found no racial bias in police shootings, but despite those millions of observations and data points, that was an inconvenient truth that people just couldn’t handle.

ROLAND FRYER: I had colleagues take me into to the side and say: Don’t publish this, you’ll ruin your career. I said what are you talking about. I said what’s wrong with it. Do you believe the first part?: Yes. Do you believe the second part?: Well, it’s, the issue is they just don’t fit together… I said to them: If the second part, showed bias, do you think I should publish it then? And they said: Yeah, then it would make sense. And I said, I guarantee you I’ll publish it.


Well, someone’s going to be sitting alone in the school cafeteria, so he was told not to publish it because it didn’t fit the narrative. But good for him. He did it anyway. And the backlash was so bad, he says he had to have police protection for 40 days, all because he told the truth. And a few years later, in 2019, came the fallout. 

He was suspended for two years and his lab shut down after being accused of verbal sexual misconduct and fostering a hostile work environment, which he denies. And the person who handed out that suspension, the dean of faculty at the time, Claudine Gay. Yeah. You know the woman who would go on to become Harvard’s president but then resigned after she failed to condemn antisemitism on campus, and that she also plagiarized tons of her own academic work, as well as ripping off Urkel. But but in a beautiful moment, Fryer was asked about Claudine Day last week.

“THE FREE PRESS”: Claudine Gay… She said this in a letter to the economics department at the time: Professor Fryer exhibited a pattern of behavior that failed to meet the expectations of conduct within our community and was harmful to the well-being of its members, the totality of these behaviors is a clear violation of institutional norms and a betrayal of trust of the Harvard community. So I guess I want to ask, do you believe in karma?

ROLAND FRYER: I hear it’s a mother ******.


You know, we bleeped that, but for those of you at home, it’s a term that means people who have sex with their moms or as the left calls it, maternal attracted persons. So maybe with Gay’s downfall, he gets the last laugh, but not before his career gets derailed and his reputation trashed. And let’s not forget that by burying a guy like Fyer, the message was clear: Do not **** with the narrative or you will be destroyed. 

And so the myth that all cops are racist killers of Black men could continue and more people, most of whom are minorities that the police protect, would die. But this denial of the truth on public safety still rages on. In Kansas City, after the shooting at the Super Bowl celebration that resulted in the death of a young mother and the wounding of 22 others, Kansas City’s Mayor Quinton Lucas was more pissed off about the governor using the word thugs to describe the shooters. It was a racist dog whistle, which makes no sense. If it were a dog whistle, we would have seen these ladies come running. Terrible. 

No, you stop it! Stop it! But really, it can’t be a dog whistle if all of us can hear it. And it says something about the mayor of a city where dozens of people are shot. Who is more concerned about the feelings of the shooter and the words used to describe them? No wonder our cities are more dangerous than carpooling with Tiger Woods. Sorry. Meanwhile, outside Boston, officials at a high school have asked for the National Guard to be deployed to control school violence. That way, teachers can devote more time to banging their students. But you could bet most of those teachers are the same people who were calling Trump racist when he was talking about putting the National Guard at the border.


In Chicago, the crime is so bad that bullets are now an optional topping on their deep dish pizza. But now the migrants have joined in with four of them arrested for robbing and strangling a man on a train. If only they were wearing MAGA hats, the other networks would cover it. And here in New York, the safest big city in America, according to Mayor Adams and D.A. Alvin Bragg, subway crime is up 22% for the year and a record number of NYPD cops were hurt on the job last year, with 1,200 of them injured in struggles with suspects in the last three months alone. 

So thanks to a phony narrative run amuck, it’s now a physical war on the cops themselves. From a gang of migrants attacking two NYPD officers in Times Square to illegals attacking cops in shelters. These scumbags haven’t been in our country for five minutes and they’re already acting like Democrats. And so, as the NYPD reports, a new record number of cops injured on the job, no wonder cops are resigning at also a record breaking pace. Of course, in a year, the Democrats will brag incessantly about the dramatic decline in injured police, but upon closer inspection, it’s because there’s no cops left to injure.



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