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AI is for everyone: Prompts to help you with work, life, school and love

TechnologyAI is for everyone: Prompts to help you with work, life, school and love

Think of AI as a digital Swiss Army Knife. It’s sharp, versatile and surprisingly handy.  It sounds overwhelming if you’ve never tried ChatGPT, Bard or any other big options. Trust me when I say if you can use Google, you can use AI. 

Ditch the “too techy” excuses, and let’s get hands-on with this game-changer. I’ve got ideas for small business owners, students, parents, those looking for love online and more.

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First things first

You don’t need a Batcave full of robots to join the AI party. If you’re not sure how to even access these tools, I have your back:

  • ChatGPT: Use it on the web or download for iPhone or Android. You need to create an account. The free tier works for most people, or you can pay $20 a month for the latest version of the tech, priority access and additional tools.
  • Google Bard: Use it on the web for free, if you have a Google account.
  • Microsoft Copilot: Use it on Chrome or Edge at Copilot.Microsoft.com. You need an active Microsoft account.
  • Perplexity: Free access online here. There’s a $20 per month Pro plan if you want to be able to upload images and get access to smart AI.

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AI letters

AI (Artificial Intelligence) letters are placed on computer motherboard in this illustration taken on June 23, 2023.  (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo)

So, what do I do with AI?


Glad you asked. If you can think of it, an AI can probably do it. Here are some uses to get you started.

Paige AI doctor

A doctor looks looks at clinical data on the computer using Paige AI. (Paige AI)

Data whisperer: Data can be a mountain of gibberish, but AI easily climbs it. Imagine it analyzing your side hustle’s sales figures and revealing hidden patterns. Maybe your best-selling product needs a bigger online presence — or a targeted ad campaign since you sell like crazy to folks in Minnesota. Sweet, data-driven insights without all the work.

  • Try it: “Analyze this data to find any patterns I should know about.” The more detail you can add about your company and what you’re looking for, the better. Just be sure you’re not disclosing anything confidential.

Content creation concierge: Struggling to write website copy? AI can craft compelling website copy, thorough product descriptions, and witty social media posts, and it can even turn your blog post into bite-sized social media posts


  • Try it: “Here are the specs for my product. Please write a description I can use to sell it on Amazon following current best practices.”

Help me sell my services: Not everyone is a wordsmith, and it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out what to put on professional pages. Trade workers, this one is great for you. 

  • Try it: “I’m a plumber in Phoenix, Arizona. Please help me write about my company and what I offer for my Yelp page.”

Brainstorming buddy: Stuck in a marketing rut? AI can be your idea machine. Feed keywords related to your business, and watch as it spits out creative campaign concepts. 

  • Try it: I’m starting a new podcast. You are a marketing guru I hired to help me with a plan to get the word out. Where should we start?”
AI art from calculated film

Another AI generated image meant to depict a scene from the film adaption of the Nova McBee book “Calculated.” (OneDoor Studios)

Find a date: Most people are blank, staring at that dating profile screen. It’s hard to talk about ourselves! Instead of going too serious, over the top or self-deprecating, see what AI comes up with.

  • Try it: “I need to create a dating profile. Can you ask me some questions to figure out what it should say about myself and what I’m looking for?”

Automate the mundane: One thing AI is best for is making tedious tasks quick and easy. Think data entry and scheduling.

  • Try it: “Format the data below into a spreadsheet that includes X, Y and Z.”

Get more bang for your buck: Remember that blog post you wrote? AI can transform it into an investor-friendly email by summarizing key points and highlighting your business’s strengths. No need to reinvent the wheel. Let AI make the most of your existing content.

  • Try it: “Turn this list of bullet points into a script for an entertaining, informative YouTube video that appeals to women 25 to 35.”

Make sense of a busy week: When there’s a lot on your plate, even organizing it all can be overwhelming. You can use AI as a free assistant to make things easier for you.

  • Try it: “This week I have to work 8 to 5 every day, take the kids to soccer practice on Tuesday at 5:30 and find time to run three times because I’m training for a 5K. Can you help me create a schedule I can stick to?”

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Plus, we’re TikTok tips that pros warn are your plants’ worst nightmare. Andrew has a wild story about getting scammed on a dating app. It’s cold outside, so here are some top tricks for staying warm with your tech. And, as always, listener letters. You won’t believe what one guy called me.

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