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Biden and Harris Announce Abortion Protections on 51st Anniversary of Roe

U.S.Biden and Harris Announce Abortion Protections on 51st Anniversary of Roe

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Wisconsin on Monday to begin a national tour in support of reproductive rights and highlight steps the Biden administration has taken to navigate around restrictive abortion laws in the United States.

She assigned blame for those laws to one person in particular: Donald J. Trump.

“These extremists are trying to take us backward, but we’re not having that,” she told a crowd of cheering supporters in a painter’s union building outside of Milwaukee.

The vice president’s appearance, in front of a large banner that read “TRUST WOMEN,” was meant to add fire to an issue that Democrats believe could galvanize a broad swath of base voters and draw in independent ones.

Wisconsin is crucial to Mr. Biden’s re-election prospects — he won there by about 20,600 votes in 2020 — and recent polling suggests a close race in 2024. It was also a target of former Mr. Trump’s efforts to spread falsehoods about illegal voting in 2020.

Ms. Harris said Mr. Trump had appointed three Supreme Court justices who had worked to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that established a constitutional right to abortion 51 years ago on Monday. In her speech, Ms. Harris referenced Mr. Trump’s recent comments that he was proud of his work.

“Proud that women across our nation are suffering?” Ms. Harris said, to applause. “Proud that women have been robbed of a fundamental freedom? Proud that doctors could be thrown in prison for caring for their patients, that young women today have fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers? How dare he.”


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