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Morning Glory: Mitch McConnell's last mission as 'Leader'

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Congress to Clear Stopgap Spending Bill for Biden, Moving to Avert Shutdown

U.S.Congress to Clear Stopgap Spending Bill for Biden, Moving to Avert Shutdown

Congress raced toward a pair of votes on Thursday to send President Biden stopgap legislation to fund federal agencies through early March, acting one day before a deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown as leaders toil to enact a longer-term spending plan.

Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, cleared the way on Wednesday for a midday vote on the measure. It is intended to give Congress time to pass spending bills totaling $1.66 trillion to fund the government through the fall, holding most federal spending steady while bolstering the military.

The legislation “will give Congress time to continue working on the appropriations process to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year,” Mr. Schumer said.

House leaders announced they would take up the measure and quickly pass it in a vote expected by evening, as lawmakers rushed to leave Washington before a predicted snowstorm that they worried could ground flights and strand them in the capital for the weekend.


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