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Pro-criminal policies are putting our cops in the crossfire

OpinionPro-criminal policies are putting our cops in the crossfire

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America has become less safe. The 12 major cities saw all-time crime records in recent years. Meanwhile, a report from Our America from October shows that carjackings, burglaries, homicides, assaults and other crimes are overwhelming America’s cities and leaving residents terrified for their own safety. This is, by definition, a job for law enforcement; however, too often the men and women who are supposed to keep our streets safe aren’t really safe to do their jobs. 

Let’s call things what they are: America is facing a wave of pro-criminal violence because of the wave of anti-cop propaganda being pushed by the woke corporate media and the politicians riding that propaganda wave to push pro-criminal, anti-cop policies like “defunding” the police.  

Now, the downstream reality is that too many law enforcement officers today are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to upholding the rule of law. They’re caught in the crossfire between the politicized leadership they face and the criminals who are emboldened by the latest wave of soft-on-crime policies. 


Coddling and excusing criminals has only ever helped the criminals and the politicians who like to harvest votes off of these terrible policies. Probably the most famous example of this from recent history is David Dinkins’ colossal failure as mayor of New York.  It wasn’t until Mayor Rudy Giuliani came in with tough on crime and gave the NYPD and other law enforcement the kind of support that they deserved that things started to turn around for the city. 

Police Lights Crime Scene

Illegal immigration, George-Soros-funded prosecutors and soft-on-crime policies all make law enforcement more challenging in major cities. (iStock)

Now the wave of criminal-first policies has come in the form of George-Soros-funded prosecutors and district attorneys who are hamstringing law enforcement by releasing and re-releasing criminals back into communities with ruthless and reckless efficiency. The results have been as awful as they were predictable.  

At the same time, this is all compounded by the fact that we simply have no idea how many hardened career criminals are pouring through President Joe Biden’s wide-open border at this very moment. The simple fact of the matter is our brothers and sisters in border patrol are overwhelmed by this intentional crisis, and we’ve had over 1.7 million known ‘gotaways’ since Biden took office. 

And still, despite everything working against them, many men and women of law enforcement are not only facing the dangers of an emboldened and growing criminal population and commensurate crime rates, they’re also facing flak from their own leadership.  

Politicized police chiefs and commissioners are a big problem for the guys on the ground as well. Most chiefs and commissioners, especially in big cities, are appointed instead of elected. So, they tend to hold the same political agenda as the mayor because they want to keep their jobs, or they want the next bigger ones after this one.  

Ergo, instead of trying to keep bad guys off the streets, pro-criminal politicians and their appointed officers these days seem more interested in going after law enforcement officers simply for doing their jobs. It feeds the popular narrative pushed by the corporate media and gives them an easy way to pander to voters who have been taken in by efforts to defund and weaken police. 
LEOs want to protect people. That’s why they get into this job. It’s why they’re willing to go through the rigors of police training, why they’re willing to work hours other people wouldn’t even dream of working, and it’s why they’re willing to risk their lives every single time they show up for work. 


That’s why I’m proud to work with the Pipe Hitter Foundation. We support the military and first responders who have become legal victims of toxic political leadership and are thrown into legal turmoil just for doing their jobs. These are men and women who end up in difficult and dangerous situations as a part of the job, and then get punished because anti-cop politicians and prosecutors want to make a name for themselves. 
The simple fact of the matter is that the American dream does not exist without the rule of law, but the rule of law does not survive without 

Rob O’Donnell is a retired NYPD Detective, board member of The Pipe Hitter Foundation, and host of The Rob O’Donnell Radio Show. Follow him on X — @odonnell_r 


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