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Biden's Israel policy is a disaster. Why is he undermining Netanyahu now?

OpinionBiden's Israel policy is a disaster. Why is he undermining Netanyahu now?

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As the war in the Middle East between the State of Israel and Hamas terrorists enters its second month, the American people are finding out what former Defense Secretary Robert Gates meant when he said that President Joe Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” 

Make no mistake, when it comes to foreign policy Joe Biden is an embarrassing train wreck, so Americans must be prepared for a season of predictable strategic blunders and bad calls coming from his White House.  Biden’s poor standing in the polls heading into the 2024 presidential campaign will only make his decision-making on the world stage more politically driven and thus far worse for the security of America and the world. 

Look no further than the reprehensible and reckless leaks coming from this White House indicating that President Biden and his senior aides “have discussed the likelihood that Benjamin Netanyahu’s political days are numbered,” and “the topic of Netanyahu’s short political shelf life has come up in recent White House meetings involving Biden,” and “Biden has gone so far as to suggest to Netanyahu that he should think about lessons he would share with his eventual successor…”


Disgusting statements like this designed to weaken Prime Minister Netanyahu’s political standing in his own country at a time of war is irresponsible behavior to say the least.  The Prime Minister would be right to ask with friends like these, who needs enemies?  President Biden and his pathetically weak and rudderless national security team are playing a dangerous game that’s being driven by cheap electoral politics and it’s making the American people wonder who’s side they’re on. 

The president’s recent announcement that he favors a “pause” in the war is not making Israel or the world safer.  This is simply not the behavior of a true ally.  In fact, it smacks of a politician worried about waning support from his radical left-wing base in his clumsy re-election effort.  Biden’s appeasement of extremists in cities and on campuses who hate Israel has gone on for far too long and has been detrimental to our nation.  This president needs to find his backbone and moral clarity because this is our time for choosing.  The only “pause” that Joe Biden should be calling for is a pause in U.S. taxpayer dollars being sent to antisemites on college campuses and to dictators at the United Nations. 

President Biden and his senior advisers obviously don’t approve of the way Prime Minister Netanyahu has chosen to defend his country from Islamic killers who are trying to wipe Israel off the map, but actively undermining his ability to secure a decisive victory is wrong.  As Biden pledges “rock solid and unwavering support” support for Israel one day, he’s questioning Netanyahu’s leadership in the press the next. 


And at a time when antisemitic incidents are up 388% since Hamas’ brutal attack that killed 1,400 innocent people, Vice President Kamala Harris is sending out insanely tone-deaf tweets as if Muslims are being threatened in America.  “Taking on hate is a national priority,” the Vice President tweeted on November 1st, “Today, @POTUS and I are announcing the country’s first National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.”  It’s simply inconceivable that the Biden White House would allow a statement like this to see the light of day at a moment in time when Islamic terrorists are holding hundreds of innocent people hostage – including Americans – and raping, burning, and beheading Jewish women and children.

So, with a half century of foreign policy blunders under his belt, don’t expect President Biden to do an about face and start getting things right now.  Since Hamas’ terrorist rampage and killing spree began on October 7th, this president has reverted to his old playbook.  

First, the president refused to blame Iran directly for its role in the brutal Hamas attacks and then he immediately pivoted to delay Israel’s ground invasion.  Now, he’s refusing to adequately confront the antisemitic hate that is fomenting in our country due to his party’s shameful moral equivalence.  Biden is also playing politics with American aid to Israel by tying it to aid for Ukraine.

Elections do have consequences and unfortunately for America, Israel, and the free world, Biden is the last person who should be calling the shots at a time like this.  


The American people understand the difference between right and wrong.  They saw Hamas’ atrocities – and Iran’s involvement – with their own eyes.  They also see the awful rise in antisemitism and want it stopped immediately.  

It’s time for Joe Biden to truly lock arms with Israel — and Prime Minister Netanyahu.  History will be the judge.



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