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GREG GUTFELD: The left's built-in excuse for their failed ideas is white supremacy

OpinionGREG GUTFELD: The left's built-in excuse for their failed ideas is white supremacy

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So as the mainstream media obsesses over the Republican speaker chaos, they’re just as happy to ignore a far deeper divide among the Dems. And all it took was 1,400 dead Israelis to bring it to light. So let’s have an adult conversation, shall we? I know what you’re thinking. Guess that means no poop jokes. We’ll, wait. Now, we’ve been told all these years that the ultra progressives like the “Squad” are a fringe among the left. That ranting nut bags like AOC and Rashida Talib don’t really represent where the Dems are going. They’re just some socialist special sauce on the Big Mac of progressive policies. They might be a little spicy, but they wouldn’t ruin the meal. Well, now it’s clear that special sauce was rancid, spiked with child hormones and fentanyl, and the meat was anything but kosher. You knew all along, didn’t you, America? You could see where the Democratic Party’s energy was.  

A party once for the working class suddenly became all about protests, pronouns and pigmentation. Where schools taught the 3 r’s of rioting, ransacking and screaming racism. And so, unlike the shocked talking heads, who just can’t believe undergrads are painting swastikas on walls, you’re saying, Congrats, Dems, you created this monster. And you’re right. Fact is, the Dems’ tolerance for some of the world’s most discredited ideas has left them running a daycare to a gaggle of screaming, uncontrollable monster children who refuse to be ignored and who still champion socialism. Has no one ever taught the “Squad” the result of the Cold War? That America became the lead nation on Earth while the Soviet Union became an answer on Jeopardy! And just the $200 answer at that. Traffic over the Berlin Wall was one way for a reason. Soviet socialism didn’t work, and it hasn’t anywhere. Socialism transformed Venezuela from a wealthy oil exporter to a broke and starving oil importer where they barely have enough fuel to barbecue animals from the Caracas zoo. 

“No person is illegal” is another infantile progressive chestnut. Translated, it means America you not only don’t deserve a border, you don’t deserve a country. And then, of course, there was defunding the police. That went over about as well as a kosher deli on the Gaza Strip. Well, a lot of older Dems who knew better, the prods turned America’s cities into overtaxed crime scenes. New York, Chicago, San Fran, Philly. They’re all emptying faster than a buffet table backstage at “The View.” But like a third grader who claims the dog ate his homework, the new left have a built in excuse for their failed ideas– white supremacy. Yet white supremacy is why we can’t have safe cities, a strong border or a CVS where NyQuil isn’t under lock and key. And yeah, it’s also why we can’t have Israel. Guess what Jews – They see you as white, even if you don’t. True, Jews are now seen as part of the white majority that seeks to dominate people of color. How did this happen? Well, their success. Who needs a race-baiting industry when you excel? The irony, of course, is that this race-baiting industry is what keeps the rest from excelling. 


When they label you a victim, you become one. Instead, you should be emulating Jews and not hating them. But by allowing the anti-Semite lobby to hook their cause to BLM and embracing the oppressed versus oppressor filter, the Dems’ most energized voters are now replacing their Che Guevara posters with Hamas action figures. You’ve seen the videos, posters of Jewish hostages torn down, Jews assaulted in cities, so-called intellectuals exhilarated by mass murder. But we all got used to seeing those videos on the History Channel. They look different in color now from seven days ago instead of seven decades. So, as we enter the election season, moderate and really Jewish Democrats have to ask themselves, do I remain at a party that’s decided Israel is a white supremacist nation that must be destroyed? 

NYU student and two friend shown tearing posters off.

NYU student Yazmeen Deyhimi and two others were captured on video tearing down Israeli hostage posters on campus. Deyhimi has since apologized.  (SSI_NYU on X)

According to the American Enterprise Institute, the Jewish vote in 2020 went to Joe Biden over Donald Trump by a margin of 3 to 1. Apology accepted Jewish voters, but can that hold next year for those who woke up two weeks ago to find themselves called Nazis by those who own their party’s future? Even the New York Times wondered how Jewish leaders feel about their ideological allies, seeing them as oppressors who deserve the blame. Joel Simon is a progressive rabbi and founding director of the Jewish Center for Justice summed it up, “The silence is deafening and it is a betrayal on so many levels.” And now a former liberal Jew captures what this means on the ground. Journalist Barry Weiss recently wrote about a political reawakening and the mass emergence from a woke slumber. And she points to a Democrat venture capitalist who admitted what we already knew. Trump’s looking better and better. 

ALL-IN PODCAST: As a Democrat who has been left homeless, who is now definitely in the center, but probably leaning increasingly right, I’m left yet again with an appreciation, despite the messenger of the message of the Trump administration, because what those guys did was pretty incredible in hindsight. 

Yeah, it was incredible for a bunch of Russian spies. But the fact is, the further we get away from Trump’s previous presidency, the closer he gets to the next one. Weiss adds, “When Black Lives Matter organizations are lionizing Islamist terrorists by posting a paraglider logo, you’d be a fool not to reassess things.” So Dems, that ominous sound you hear in the distance, it’s not Eric Swalwell farting. It may be the great re-assessment as Jewish voters find themselves targeted by the same frenzied left who pulled down statues, burned down cities and attacked the police. 


Will they stick with the rabble who sees them as just another white monster who hates them for being a marginalized group that unmarginalized itself? Or will they jump to the party that has its own share of nuts but at least believes in borders and law and order, and yes, believes that Israel has a right to exist without being subjected to mass murder. My advice to them would be, get out. Come here, the water’s fine and it’s safe.

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