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U.S. Sticks to Its Position on Israel as Gaza Crisis Deepens

The Biden administration showed no new signs on Friday...

Gunman in Maine Mass Shooting Had Paranoid Beliefs, Officials Say

U.S.Gunman in Maine Mass Shooting Had Paranoid Beliefs, Officials Say

The man who killed 18 people and wounded 13 more in Lewiston, Maine, the deadliest mass shooting in America this year, had paranoid beliefs that people were talking about him, and he may have been hearing voices, the authorities said on Saturday.

The man, Robert R. Card II, 40, had legally purchased several guns, some as recently as several days before the attack, officials said, and may have previously visited the two businesses — a bar and bowling alley — that he attacked on Wednesday evening.

The attack sparked a two-day manhunt that ended on Friday night when police found the man dead in a trailer at a recycling plant in Lisbon, where he had once worked. Officials said that he appeared to have shot himself and that they believe he acted alone in carrying out the attack.

The revelation brought a sense of relief through Lewiston and neighboring towns, where residents had been sheltering in place and many businesses had closed.


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